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Don’t Forget!

Checking LDAP uSNChanged (integer8 value) in VB .net

Having problems finding a way to use integer8 values from Active Directory ldap in a Application, I thought i’ll show a simple function written to check the AD uSNChanged. Just call the function with the DN of the object to check. Must include: [vb] Imports System.Reflection [/vb] Function code: [vbnet]Private Function _ADObjectUsn(ByVal xDN As String) Dim xLdapConnection As New …

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PHP LDAPS Not Bind/Connecting

Had a few problems with coding a simple Activie Directory password reset web form.  It appears when coding in PHP the OpenLdap doesn’t trust the connecting Domain Controller’s SSL Certificate issuing CA. This can be fixed with PHP on either Apache or IIS with a simple file: Create a file named ‘ldap.conf’ in the directory ‘c:\openldap\sysconf’.  In the file the first line …

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Scripting Windows 2008 DHCP for ISP Failover

Having two ISP connections and switch between them automatically is more a hardware (or Software -TMG) solution.  But I found a way to script the Windows DHCP server using the netsh command. This allows for a site admin to run either of two scripts to change the default gateway on the server(s) and dhcp scope options for clients. An example of such …

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Web 2.0 Generator

An easy way to create Web 2.0 effects including mod_rewrite: Mod Rewrite Generator The Mod Rewrite Generator can be used to turn dynamic URLs into search engine friendly static URLs. Static URLs typically rank better in search engines than long complex dynamic URLs with lots of parameters, they are easier to index in the first place and they’re also friendlier …

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How to enable or disable ping in Windows Server 2008 R2 server?

To enable ping to the Windows Server 2008 R2, follow below steps Go to Start >> Administrative Tools >> Windows Firewall with advanced security >> Inbound Rules >> File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request – ICMPv4-IN) >> right click and select Enable Rule. To disable the ping select Disable Rule in the last step.

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