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Using PowerShell to Connect to Domino NAB

There are times where I need to compare Domino Address Books (NAB) to Active Directory.  Using PowerShell to connect to Domino NAB solves this with ease, although we have to use logon details with no authentication method.  A little strange but Domino accepts the ‘[System.DirectoryServices.AuthenticationTypes]::None’ fromPowerShell. [crayon-662939514c513475434638/] Changing DominoSrv01, Organisation Name, Username and Password for the environment. [crayon-662939514c51a296182468/] Make a connection …

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All the Microsoft Exchange Version Numbers and Download Location

Exchange Server 2013

Being able to look up and download the version of Exchange required for Exchange Labs for Customers has always been a bit a lengthly process. Today I found website with all the version numbers and links to the Download locations on the Microsoft website. The site is:  

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Domino Lotus Notes – Edit Any Field

Overview There are times where field in a database needs to be changed without a Form.  This following code can be used in a smarticon on the toolbar to allow fields to edited or appended to a form. Installation In the following example – Select: File – Preferences – Toolbar – Customise.  Select ‘Universal’ as the toolbar to add the …

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Decrypt of Mail Items in a User’s Lotus Notes Mailbox via Agent

Creating a agent in the mail template allows the removal of the encryption status (Decrypt of Mail Items) from the all the documents in the user’s mailbox.  This allows the mailbox to be accessed on mailbox migration via another Notes ID. In the mail template create a view called “Encrypted” with the following view selection formula: SELECT (Form = “Memo” …

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