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WSUS Client (Server or Workstation) Reset Settings/Cookie Script

Imaging the server in VmWare or by othe means leaves the WSUS client session cookie in the registry.  Once the new imaged server/workstation is then connected back to WSUS the session cookie points the orginal computer object.  The following script resolves this be resetting client WSUS settings outside of GPO enforced WSUS location: REM stop the Automatic Updates service net …

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How to move WSUS 3.0 to a new server

Just to outline how to migrate WSUS 3.0 to a new server using a local SQL Express instance and without downloading all of the updates again. 1. Install WSUS on new server with local express database. 2. During configuration wizard choose “Synchronize from another WSUS server…”, enter the name of the existing WSUS instance you are migrating from, and then choose …

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