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Times you need to cut and Paste within VMWare ESXi Hosts

I use the RDP session cut and paste all the time to get files to remote servers but this is not an option to servers in the DMZ hosted on VMWare ESxi.  It seems the answer is easy when you enable a similar function in VMWare ESXi console.  Cut and paste made easy at last! The how to is listed …

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How to use DNS Pin Point instead Split Horizon – the easy way!

Background on the DNS issue faced There are times when DNS split horizon is required to point an ‘A’ record to an internal address however this normally requires you to duplicate every record in the zone on the internal DNS server.  For example without needing the whole domain of being duplicated on the internal DNS servers. An example …

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How to invoke/test Exchange 2010 cmdlets via Remote Powershell 2.0 window

I’ve been working on a issue with WinRM and thought I would share the steps to test WinRM is working correctly.  This results in the Exchange 2010 Cmdlets being available on a Powershell 2.0 window without Exchange Management tools being installed.  Note: you must be have Exchange admin role assigned to the current logged in user i.e. can not be …

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Faulting application TrustedInstaller – Server Manager Errors

Had a clean install of Windows Server 2008 R2 fail to add any roles and features.  It appears TrustedInstaller is failing.  Lots of blogs talking about corrupt MSU files. The bottom line, install the following patch: It clears the problem without requiring a server reboot.

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How to move WSUS 3.0 to a new server

Just to outline how to migrate WSUS 3.0 to a new server using a local SQL Express instance and without downloading all of the updates again. 1. Install WSUS on new server with local express database. 2. During configuration wizard choose “Synchronize from another WSUS server…”, enter the name of the existing WSUS instance you are migrating from, and then choose …

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Scripting Windows 2008 DHCP for ISP Failover

Having two ISP connections and switch between them automatically is more a hardware (or Software -TMG) solution.  But I found a way to script the Windows DHCP server using the netsh command. This allows for a site admin to run either of two scripts to change the default gateway on the server(s) and dhcp scope options for clients. An example of such …

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