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How to remove the SMTP Service from Windows 2012 R2

Exchange Server 2013

How to remove the SMTP Service from Windows 2012 R2… Had to install a SMTP gateway on a Windows 2012 R2 host which already had OS SMTP service installed for testing a firewall.  Normally, I would have removed via Windows Features/Roles system but the option to remove feature wad greyed out.  However, using PowerShell I was able to remove the service with …

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How to invoke/test Exchange 2010 cmdlets via Remote Powershell 2.0 window

I’ve been working on a issue with WinRM and thought I would share the steps to test WinRM is working correctly.  This results in the Exchange 2010 Cmdlets being available on a Powershell 2.0 window without Exchange Management tools being installed.  Note: you must be have Exchange admin role assigned to the current logged in user i.e. can not be …

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Faulting application TrustedInstaller – Server Manager Errors

Had a clean install of Windows Server 2008 R2 fail to add any roles and features.  It appears TrustedInstaller is failing.  Lots of blogs talking about corrupt MSU files. The bottom line, install the following patch: It clears the problem without requiring a server reboot.

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Active Directory FineGrained Password and Account Lockout Policy

Having been asked to setup and configure a fine grained Active Directory password policy the hard way using the technet article: I found a easier option by using a GUI tool created to make the policy and apply to groups/users located at: It worked and provides a simple interface instead of using adsiedit.

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Active Directory Password Last Changed Export Tool

VBScript program to output all users in the domain with the date and time that each last changed their password. If passwords expire for all users, this program can be used to identify old unused accounts that can be disabled and eventually deleted. This program uses the pwdLastSet attribute to determine when the password was last set. Because this attribute …

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WSUS Client (Server or Workstation) Reset Settings/Cookie Script

Imaging the server in VmWare or by othe means leaves the WSUS client session cookie in the registry.  Once the new imaged server/workstation is then connected back to WSUS the session cookie points the orginal computer object.  The following script resolves this be resetting client WSUS settings outside of GPO enforced WSUS location: REM stop the Automatic Updates service net …

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How to Configure Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2 for SCCM Site

Hit a problem with webdav and BITS not being enabled for SCCM install on Windows 2008 R2.  The following instructions details changes need before SCCM will install. Craig. How to Configure Windows Server 2008 for Site Systems

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How to move WSUS 3.0 to a new server

Just to outline how to migrate WSUS 3.0 to a new server using a local SQL Express instance and without downloading all of the updates again. 1. Install WSUS on new server with local express database. 2. During configuration wizard choose “Synchronize from another WSUS server…”, enter the name of the existing WSUS instance you are migrating from, and then choose …

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