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How to use DNS Pin Point instead Split Horizon – the easy way!

Background on the DNS issue faced There are times when DNS split horizon is required to point an ‘A’ record to an internal address however this normally requires you to duplicate every record in the zone on the internal DNS server.  For example without needing the whole domain of being duplicated on the internal DNS servers. An example …

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How To Change Your Office 365 App Password

If you are enabled for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Office 365 then you will need an App Password for some applications that do not support MFA. The user interface for creating a new App Password is well hidden in Office 365 (its not on the Password page for example). Here is how to find it now: The user logs into …

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Quickly Adding Active Directory Group Members using a LDAP filter

There are times when you need a quick one-liner to add Active Directory group membership based on users selected by some data. In this case I needed to move AD users into AD Distribution lists based on their email (mail attribute) externally managed information. The following script finds the users be looking at the LDAP filter of mail = * …

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Mac Outlook 2016 Screen/View Crashed and Flashing black

The Outlook 2016 client has been trusted workhorse for email since the full release.  However the latest version 15.17.1 seemed to have a strange flashing and crashed view window.  It even lost the header and was unable to show a preview plane.  The solution was easy fix without hurting the mail profile. Run up Terminal window on the MAC: Type: defaults …

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Microsoft Office 365 for Professionals and Small Business – without moving to Microsoft domain registrar

I’ve setup many accounts for Office 365 using the Enterprise plans and found the verify/add domain wizard pretty straight forward. You can manage your own DNS records on your on registrar.  However, setting up for Professionals and Small Businesses Plans its a little more basic, with the wizard telling your to move to Microsoft DNS registrar.  Now, that to me moves to …

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