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Mac Outlook 2016 Screen/View Crashed and Flashing black

The Outlook 2016 client has been trusted workhorse for email since the full release.  However the latest version 15.17.1 seemed to have a strange flashing and crashed view window.  It even lost the header and was unable to show a preview plane.  The solution was easy fix without hurting the mail profile. Run up Terminal window on the MAC: Type: defaults …

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Removing Facetime from mac dock after rebooting

Just go to your hard drive –> library –> preferences and open the file “” with text editor, then remove these:   <dict> <key>after</key> <string>begin</string> <key>path</key> <string>/Applications/Mission</string> </dict>   AND   <dict> <key>after</key> <string>/Applications/</string> <key>path</key> <string>/Applications/</string> </dict>   This is if you have problems with both Mission Control and Facetime, if not just remove the one you want to …

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